Friday, June 4, 2010

Moving backwards at the speed of light!


It's been awhile and I've missed you all. It is not because there has been nothing to talk about (trust me)! Just seems like there is no time.

Today, there is time.

There is time because the work I should be doing is being slowed down by someone who wants to make sure that we have "all our ducks in a row" before we proceed. Okay fine, then why are we waiting until NEXT WEDNESDAY!?!? Really, WTF?!? Why can't we make a decision today!

This passive-aggressive nature of avoidance does nothing to bolster learning, taking initiative or embracing change!

If I were to externalize the current internal dialogue... it would be "Sit down, Move over, and Get out of the way!"

We will see how I feel on Monday!
Enjoy the wonderful weekend, there are many blessing waiting for us all!

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